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What is cohousing?

Cohousing is a type of housing development or neighbourhood.  In cohousing schemes, shared facilities, including communal, social spaces and generous outdoor spaces, are provided alongside high-quality individual homes.

Unlike off-the-shelf homes from typical developers, cohousing neighbourhoods are usually delivered through a partnership between a community and a design-and-deliver team.  By allowing individuals and community groups to be involved in the design process and/or construction of their homes (e.g. selfbuild) development costs can be reduced as well as providing future homeowners with control, pride, and an increased sense of ownership of their future home and neighbourhood.


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KIN is a collaborative design and development company.  Our objective is to deliver the world’s most environmentally and socially sustainable homes: creating a beautiful, healthy, sustainable, carbon-free built environment for everyone.

It can be an overwhelming process to, literally, build a community.  Our aim is to bring people together, who are looking for a better way to get the homes that want.  We have the expertise and support needed to make things happen, be that design, finance, securing land or providing general advice.

You can find out more about us at

At present we are specifically looking at London, Bristol and Exeter. However, if there is sufficient interest in other areas, then we are happy to explore those too.